Jungle Juice Recipes

Jungle juice has many important properties which allow a party to function smoothly. There are many different types of this drink and multiple recipes can be found on partypipes.com. Basic jungle juice is juice with alcohol in a big container served cold to your fellow partiers. It tastes delicious and gets the job done.

Benefits of a good jungle juice

* Tastes amazing

* Clean because its pre mixed, which creates less of a mess

* Less hassle- you don’t have to worry about making shots multiple times, because you have a bucket of premixed juice

* Girls love it

* Gets the job done- after a couple of cups if made properly will have you feeling really good

Compared to shots

Shots taste awful most of the time, so why not drink something that tastes really good. Both jungle juice and shots contain the same liquor, and both get the job done. Both will have you on the floor if you drink to much. Even though they have similar properties jungle juice can be sipped on, and drank slowly. Jungle juice tastes very good. Jungle juice will have you wanting more.

Compared to Normal Mixed Drinks

The main convenience here is time. Of course at a party you want to be having a good time, so spending a ton of time mixing drinks may not be how you want to spend your night. Premixing, or just making a vat of jungle juice will only take 10 minutes and quench many thirsty people’s thirst.

Enjoy our jungle juice recipes found on this site, and serve to your guest; but be careful when over drank you may feel sick. Of course that goes for all alcohol. Seriously as with all alcohol you will get extremely drunk from these recipes. Be advised there is always a chance of hangover or worse whenever you drink, drink responsibly and legally only.

Jungle Juice Recipes

1. Jungle Juice Recipe #1

2. Skippies

3. Jungle Juice Recipe #3

4. The Ultimate Jungle Juice

5. Sweet Vodka Citrus Jungle Juice

6. Vodka Lemonade Punch

7. Aloha Fruit Punch Jungle Juice

8. Brain Freeze Juice

9. Woman Jungle Juice

10. Orange Punch Jungle Juice

11. Nutcracker

12. Caribbean Jungle Juice

13. Gin and Juice

14. Crunk Juice

15. Bayou Bomber Jungle Juice

16. Arnold Palmer Juice

17. Grateful Dead Jungle Juice

18. Gin Fizz Bucket

19. Bum Jungle Juice

20. Blackout Jungle Juice

21. Atom Bomb Jungle Juice

22. Jungle Juice Recipe #6

23. Jungle Juice Recipe #5

24. Jungle Juice Recipe #4

25. Jungle Juice Recipe #3

26. Jungle Juice Recipe #2

27. Orange Jungle Juice

28. Frat Jungle Juice

29. Citrus Jungle Juice

30. Vodka Jungle Juice

31. Rum Jungle Juice

32. Wine Punch

33. Southern Doctor Jungle Juice

34. Son of Sam Jungle Juice

35. Tyson Jungle Juice Punch

36. Summer Jungle Juice

37. Oklahoma Tropical Jungle Juice

38. Canadian Rum Juice

39. Gin Jungle Juice

40. Boston Jungle Juice

41. Aruba Jungle Juice

42. Apple Pie Jungle Juice

43. Green Monster Jungle Juice

44. Green Fairy Jungle Juice

45. Anniversary Jungle Juice

46. Barbados Jungle Juice

47. Belizan Jungle Juice

48. Smurf Jungle Juice

49. Summer Set Jungle Juice

50. Pacific Jungle Juice

51. OJ Jungle Juice Revenge

52. Tequila Jungle Juice

53. BeetleJuice

54. Baseball Pleasure

55. Poolside Pleasure

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