Flip Pong Drinking Game

Flip Pong Drinking Game is one of the best drinking games. The game is also called flong. This game combines beer pong and flip cup and creates the ultimate drinking game. This game is very competitive and fights can break out if it comes down to one on 1. This game is very simple to play, and will get you extremely drunk. The top players of this game are people who can play beer pong, chug, and play flip cup. The game requires some skill, but even people who cant shoot a ping pong into a cup can still win the game. The rules are simple and the games extremely fun. I suggest playing this game at your next party, or beer Olympics.


30 rack of beer or more
4 players
1 table
2 ping pong balls
16 solo cups


The table is set up so partners are standing across from each other. To win the game all cups for both you and your partner need to be finished and flipped.

– Each team has a ball
– Each player has 4 solo cups lined up in a straight line in front of them
– Each player fills 1 beer divided into these 4 cups
– The game starts when teams touch balls
– Teammates shoot on each other
– Both teams are shooting at the same time
– The shooting is continuous and their are no breaks
– If your teammate makes it into your cup you have to chug your cup and flip it over before you can shoot the ball again
– Once you chug and flip, you can start shooting at your teammate again and that cup is out
– First team to completely eliminate all the cups from both their rack and their teammates rack wins the game
– Their are no racks cups stay in the straight line the whole game
– You can talk trash
– You can elbow the enemy standing next to you and try and block them from getting their ball if it goes on your side of the table
– Enjoy and have fun

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