Caribbean Jungle Juice


1 750 ml bottle of coconut rum
1 750 ml bottle of pineapple rum
1 750 ml bottle of peach schnapps
3 bottles of orange pineapple banana juice
1 bottle of mango juice
1 bottle of pineapple juice
1 bottle of guava juice


Combine all the ingredients into a bucket, stir, and mix well. Add ice to cool it down. This is a sweet tasting juice. It is best served really cold on a hot summer day. I like this juice when I have a beach or summer themed part. You will feel like your on the beach.

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  1. katie says

    the caribbean jungle juice sounds awesome! I was wondering how many people this recipe would serve? I need to make it for about 30-40 people

    • axt5042 says


      This recipe will probably serve about 15-20 people. So to get 30-40 double it. We hope you enjoy making this for your party!



    • axt5042 says

      Hi Macy, we suggest adding extra pineapple. The flavor of coconut is tough to replace. More pineapple should taste delicious though.

  2. Tam says

    i made this for a college party and all of my friends loved it and ive been asked to make it when my friends throw em. Its refreshing and it hides the alc taste very well!

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